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mary kolar

I have been creating art ever since I can
remember. Drawing on my parent’s basement walls, melting crayons and creating sculptures from junk metal. My childhood was rich with influences of north central Nebraska landscape, my parents and relatives, and many excursions to old junk
yards. I feel I was given the gift of curiosity
and observation from an early age.
I have a B.F.A from Kearney State College.
Since then, I have attended and taught art
classes and workshops, worked on movie
and play sets, restored church statues and
exhibit locally and nationally. My work
can be seen in three public art projects.
Currently I create mixed media masks,
sculptures, robots and assemblages from found objects. They’re expressions of form,
color and textures to evoke humor in the
ambitions, virtues, simplicities or just plain silliness of human beings. 

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